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Black Girl Cumshot Facial

Posted by Andrew

It isn’t too often you see a sexy ebony porn star like Aryana Starr take a cumshot facial but, it seems like most of the girls on Black Reign X have no problem with it. Aryana Starr is a 20 year old ebony hottie with a great all natural body, perfect tits, and a big bubble butt. In the interview before the scene starts they ask her questions about her favorite sexual positions and her favorite place to have sex. She told them she loves getting it doggystyle and she loves fucking in public. When the scene begins and she sees the size of the cock she has to suck her eyes pop out. The 9 inch beast that’s about to be slid inside her is more than she can handle. She does a great job trying though. She takes about 7 inches of it down her throat before she gags and pulls off. She then gets on top of the cock and rides him reverse cowgirl for a bit. Just before the guy blasts his cumshot on her face, he tells her to get back down on her knees. She does and gets a cumshot facial right in the eye.

ebony girl Aryana Starr black girl cumshot facial

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Fresh Ebony Melody Nakai

Posted by Andrew

If you still haven’t become a member of Black Reign X, now is the time. You would not believe the amount of fresh ebony babes they’ve been adding lately. I watch a lot of ebony porn and most of the girls they’ve been adding lately, I’ve never even seen. For example, take a look at this fresh faced ebony pornstar Melody Nakai. Who’s ever heard of this girl? Who cares? She’s got one of the sexiest all natural bodies I’ve ever seen and she knows how to move it. I’ve seen the full video of this scene and it’s amazing. It starts with her shaking her ass for a camera guy who’s asking her a bunch of questions about her sex life. She says she’s never been in a threesome before but, she’s always wanted to try it. Her wish came true. She started having sex with this one guy and suddenly another guy shows up and puts his dick in her mouth. She doesn’t mind at all. She just gives that guy a blowjob while she’s getting fucked by the other guy.

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Floppy Tits Ebony Babe

Posted by Andrew

Lately, I’ve only been updating the best ebony porn blog on a weekly basis instead of 2 times a week. Not really sure why I’ve missed the last 2 Friday updates but, I’ll make up for them this week. I figured I’d start by adding one of the sexiest floppy tits ebony babes I’ve ever seen. In the pornstar world she’s simply known as Fire and she has a great set of all natural floppy big tits. The best thing about a floppy tits girl is that she can suck her own titty while fingering herself like you’ll see in the first video sample. Lucky for us it’s not a masturbation only scene. Eventually, a guy joins her on the couch and licks her pussy until it’s wet and ready for his big cock. After a quick sloppy blowjob, Fire gets back on the couch and squeezes her tits together. She begs the guy so slam her black pussy with his big cock so, he does.

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Chunky Ebony Takes Facial

Posted by Andrew

Why is it when ebony girls are a little chunkier they look even better. I finally got a new update from the Black Reign X ebony site and they added this new girl named Taylor Lane. Not to be confused with the white pornstar Tory Lane. Taylor Lane is a chunky ebony girl with a very nice fat ass and even nicer big tits. She comes in wearing very sexy lingerie and high heels. She walks over towards the camera and you can see her hips sway back and fourth. She sit down on the couch for a quick interview. She tells everyone her name and how she’s new to the ebony porn scene. Then the male start joins her on the couch and gets right to work. He takes off her lingerie and lays her down on the couch. He goes down on her pussy and tries his best to make her cum. He then takes out his big cock and lets her give him a blowjob. She could have done better but, it was okay nonetheless. He then layed her back down on the couch and fucked her pussy in a few different positions. Before he came he pulled out his cock and blew his load all over Taylor’s face and big tits.

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Vanessa Blue Interracial

Posted by Andrew

She may not make as much porn as she used to but, Vanessa Blue in her prime was one of the best ebony porn stars in the business. I remember her being one of the first ebony girls in porn with incredibly huge tits and a fat ass to match. This particular free video gallery comes from the fine people at Ebony Jewels. They added this video to their site awhile back but, I’ve just had a chance to grab it today. Vanessa Blue doesn’t really care what color your cock is as long as it’s big hard and ready for use. She starts things off by giving a fantastic wet and sloppy blowjob to this white guy. She then does what she does in every Vanessa Blue interracial scene and bounces on the big cock while squeezing her huge tits together. Before the guy cums, he lays Vanessa down flat on her back and pounds her black pussy until he cums all over her tits.

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Kaylani Cream Facial

Posted by Andrew

Hot ebony porn star Kaylani Cream has always enjoyed getting her face covered with a hot facial. It never really mattered who the guy was giving her the facial so long as it was sticky, warm and shot all over her face so she could lick it up. She couldn’t have been more excited when she heard she was filming today’s scene with the one and only Lex Steele. Kaylani can’t get off unless a cock bigger than 8 inches is driving deep in her pussy so she knew she’d be able to cum today. She starts with a sexy tease for the camera, dancing around on the table and teasing with her clothes on. Then Lex walks in and she starts to blow him. She does her best to get his 8 inch cock down her throat but she struggles and gags. Then, while they’re both standing upright, Lex pounds her pussy doggystyle and helps her cum. Just after Kaylani Cream cums, Lex follows only, he blows it all over her face.

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Angel Cummings Cumshot Facial

Posted by Andrew

It’s never easy finding a sexy ebony girl who’s interested in finishing off her porn scene with a hot cumshot facial. That’s why the guys at Black Reign X sat down with Angel Cummings and interviewed her before they shot the porn video. They asked her a bunch of random sex questions and then they asked where she likes a guy to cum on her. She had a big smile when she said “i like it when guys cum on my face“! You could tell the interview was over because the interviewer instantly called in the big cock male pornstar. She started sucking on his cock and rubbing his balls at the same time. You could just tell Angel Cummings was a girl who was definitely into sucking cock. She then took off all her clothes and got on top of him. She rode his big cock for awhile. As she bounced on his cock, he pushed up which made his entire 8 inch cock go inside her tight pussy. He told her he was about to cum so, Angel got down on her knees and told him to cum on her face.

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Cute Ebony Teen Hardcore

Posted by Andrew

It isn’t easy finding ebony teen girls who want to have sex. Most of them think it’s dirty and aren’t willing to do hardcore scenes on camera. They have no problem having their pictures taken but when it comes to shooting hardcore porn videos, they’re skeptical. That’s hot this cute ebony teen felt when she came into our studios for a nude photo shoot. We had no intentions of having her film a hardcore scene but, we started talking to her about how much more money she could be making. She started to seem interested in the idea but, she had to see the guy she was fucking first. We called up one of our actors and when she say him, her pussy must have gotten wet because she had a big smile on her face. She told him to get naked and we started to roll camera. She gave him a fantastic blowjob and let him eat her pussy. We didn’t know she had such good skills. She then had him sit back on the couch so she could ride his black dick. Before you knew it her face was covered in cum and she was licking it up.

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Erika Vuitton Facial

Posted by Andrew

It took me a little longer than I thought it would but, I finally got this Erika Vuitton ebony porn movie from Black Reign X. For the longest time they didn’t want to give me the free sample video because it was that good. They didn’t want to give it away for free. Finally I convinced them that I had the best ebony porn blog online and it would be better for them to let me promote this fantastic Erika Vuitton facial video. Erika plays a sexy girl applying for a job at a big movie firm. She comes into the interview wearing a sexy pink outfit with matching pink panties. When the feels like the interview isn’t going well she starts to strip off all her clothes. The employer can’t believe how good her big pierced tits look so he gets up on the desk and lets her give him a blowjob. Eventually, she gets up on the desk and gets fucked but, when that’s all over the employer sprays an amazing cumshot all over Erika giving her a hot facial.

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Old-School Ebony Pornstar

Posted by Andrew

Not sure how many of you remember this ebony pornstar. She used to be one of the best and hottest ebony girls in the business. She was featured in tonnes of hot ebony dvd’s including’ Bad Black Girls and a bunch of the Babewatch series. Her name is Sierra. If you don’t know who she is, she has a set of the biggest natural black tits in porn. She also loves to have her throat and her pussy fucked with force. This particular ebony video featuring her comes from the guys at Ebony Jewels. I really never realized how many ebony dvd’s they have until today. This ebony dvd was so far down the list that I had to scroll through 20 pages of dvd’s to find it. I guess I should have used the search. Anyways, the scene starts with her sucking the dick while getting her pussy eaten out in the 69 position. Eventually she gets on top of him and rides his cock for over 10 minutes. Finally she lays sideways and gets fucked like that before he blows a cumshot all over her.

Big tits ebony sierra Ebony pornstar sierra

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Lex Fucks Tia Cherry

Posted by Andrew

Of all the girls Lex Steele would want to fuck, you’d think he’d leave the secretaries at his office alone. Not the case. This hot ebony porn video comes from Lex’s all ebony site Black Reign X. Obviously, it’s not actually his secretary, it’s a pornstar named Tia Cherry. I’ve never seen any porn with her before but she’s sexy as hell. She puts on one of the sexiest outfits a secretary could wear and which makes her big tits and big ass curves look amazing. Lex gets her to do a sexy walk over to the couch where he’s waiting to get his enormous big cock sucked. All Tia Cherry does is drop her panties and go to work. She gets down on her knees and starts sucking then lays back on the couch and let’s Lex dominate her ebony pussy.

Tia Cherry fucks lex Ebony pornstar Tia Cherry

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Ebony Girl Takes 2 Cumshots

Posted by Andrew

It had been awhile since I went into Black Reign X and checked out what was new in the ebony porn world. I was completely surprised when I saw they had changed the members area to an all new design. The new design is fantastic. They have streaming videos, multiple download options and tonnes and I mean tonnes of videos. This latest video is by far one of my favorites. This very cute all natural ebony girl takes 2 cumshots right in the face. The cumshots aren’t even the best part though. The best parts are when she’s getting her pussy fucked by one of the cocks and she has the other one deep down her throat. The one in her pussy feels so good that she can hardly keep the cock in her mouth. Luckily for the guy who chose her mouth over her ebony pussy, she did a great job with the blowjob. Eventually, both guys blow their loads on her pretty face!

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