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Fresh Ebony Melody Nakai

Posted by Andrew

If you still haven’t become a member of Black Reign X, now is the time. You would not believe the amount of fresh ebony babes they’ve been adding lately. I watch a lot of ebony porn and most of the girls they’ve been adding lately, I’ve never even seen. For example, take a look at this fresh faced ebony pornstar Melody Nakai. Who’s ever heard of this girl? Who cares? She’s got one of the sexiest all natural bodies I’ve ever seen and she knows how to move it. I’ve seen the full video of this scene and it’s amazing. It starts with her shaking her ass for a camera guy who’s asking her a bunch of questions about her sex life. She says she’s never been in a threesome before but, she’s always wanted to try it. Her wish came true. She started having sex with this one guy and suddenly another guy shows up and puts his dick in her mouth. She doesn’t mind at all. She just gives that guy a blowjob while she’s getting fucked by the other guy.

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  1. XRated Einstein Said,

    Doesn’t this “Fire” chick look like the gossip girl Wendy Williams? They have very similar faces. Too bad Fire is a fundamentally lousy fuck, because she depends too much on the dude making all the moves, and she has had limited exposure so she’s not been worked over real good by the Ferrara’s or Stefanos of the world. She also has avoided anal.

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