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Ariel Alexis Feelin Herself

Posted by Andrew

I couldn’t have been more happy last night then when I logged into the Ebony Kisses members area for the first time in months and found an entire new layout as well as 50 new DVDs and tonnes of new picture sets! The best part about it was they had hi-resolution pictures of one of my favorite pornstars, Ariel Alexis, masturbating and posing! These pictures are great because it’s just her, no cock, no dildo. Just sexy black ebony pornstar Ariel Alexis getting herself off!

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Hot Ebony Pornstar Dee

Posted by Andrew

How many of you old pornstar lover remember Dee? I know I do. I can’t remember if she retired and came back or retired for good but I’m glad a site like Ebony Kisses still updates with fresh pictures and videos of this hot ebony slut. This time, Dee is alone for a bunch of hot pictures of her masturbating. She’s wearing a sexy lingerie outfit, fully equipped with knee high boots, lingerie bra and panties and sexy stockings. Slowly but surely, Dee strips off everything but the stockings and boots and plays with her own ebony pussy. She even spreads her legs while crouching down and slides a couple fingers inside. It’s great!

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Desiree Clark Porn Tube

Posted by Andrew

Since it’s been over half a year since I updated this ebony porn blog, I figured it’d be a great time to debut a brand new porn tube video from the Ebony Kisses site. This video features nice tits, big ass ebony girl Desiree Clark getting fucked in the reverse cowgirl position. It’s a great preview video for one of the best video on the entire site. This girl is an absolute freak, she spits on her hand and rubs her clit half way through the video. Then she gets off the dick and sucks her pussy juices off it. Since I bought a membership to Ebony Kisses, I saw the entire ebony video and trust me it’s totally worth the $1 price!

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Cute Ebony Teen Fucking

Posted by Andrew

As I was doing my daily search through my favorite ebony porn site Ebony Kisses this morning, I found that they had added 10 new DVD’s and over 40 new porn videos since the last time I was there. I hadn’t realized it had been so long but, it was a real treat to sign in and find all kinds of videos. Of all the videos they added, the best one was of this cute ebony teen fucking. Sadly, they don’t have a name listed for her because I’d love to find more of her. She’s wearing this very sexy piece of lingerie along with sexy thigh high stockings. At first she refuses to give the guy a blowjob but, after he goes down on her and makes her cum, she couldn’t refuse. She sucks his cock like a hoover sucks up dust and then gets on top and rides him until he cums.

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Old School Ebony Porn

Posted by Andrew

If you’re like me you like all kinds of ebony porn videos. It doesn’t matter whether they are old or new, have porn stars or amateurs, you just enjoy seeing a fine ebony woman getting fucked. That’s why I’ve decided to take it back a bit and add this older ebony porn video. It’s not a mature woman or anything, like that, this is just an old porno. I think it was filmed sometime in the year 2000. It features this sexy big tits ebony babe getting anal fucked by a thick white dick. He somehow convinced her that he could make her cum just by licking her pussy, when he made this happen, she figured she had to repay him somehow. She laid out on the beach chair and let him have his way with her.

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Ebony Masturbates Outdoors

Posted by Andrew

Happy New Years everyone! I’m back from a bit of a holiday hiatus. Hope you didn’t miss the ebony porn updates too much! If you did, have no fear because I have a special new years treat for you guys. I went to the best site for ebony porn this morning and I found one of the hottest solo masturbation ebony videos I’ve ever seen. Not only does this cute teen have an incredible body but, she’s not shy at all. She does all her masturbating, playing and fingering outside for anyone to see. She starts things off by teasing us with her perfect perky all natural tits. She squeezes them, pinches the nipples and even gives them a lick. Then she lets the camera guy zoom in nice and close to her pussy so we can see how wet she gets when she masturbates.

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Ghetto Porn Blowjob

Posted by Andrew

You wouldn’t think a girl with a tongue ring could be bad at giving a blowjob, and you’d be right! This ghetto ebony porn slut sucks some of the best dick I’ve ever seen. As with any of our great ebony porn scenes, this one comes from Ebony Kisses. They didn’t even have a name for this ghetto porn girl but, who really cares what her name is. The second they bring her into the room to fuck this guy, she already has half of her clothes off. The other half comes off during the blowjob where she works the cock and the balls at the same time. First she slaps the dick off her tongue, which drives the guy crazy because of her tongue ring. Then she pulls down on his nut sack while she slides the entire cock down her throat.

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Cute Ebony Teen Hardcore

Posted by Andrew

It isn’t easy finding ebony teen girls who want to have sex. Most of them think it’s dirty and aren’t willing to do hardcore scenes on camera. They have no problem having their pictures taken but when it comes to shooting hardcore porn videos, they’re skeptical. That’s hot this cute ebony teen felt when she came into our studios for a nude photo shoot. We had no intentions of having her film a hardcore scene but, we started talking to her about how much more money she could be making. She started to seem interested in the idea but, she had to see the guy she was fucking first. We called up one of our actors and when she say him, her pussy must have gotten wet because she had a big smile on her face. She told him to get naked and we started to roll camera. She gave him a fantastic blowjob and let him eat her pussy. We didn’t know she had such good skills. She then had him sit back on the couch so she could ride his black dick. Before you knew it her face was covered in cum and she was licking it up.

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Ms. Panther Big Fat Tits

Posted by Andrew

It’s really too bad there aren’t a lot of big tits ebony pornstars out there. Not a lot of good ones anyways. Fortunately, we have Ms. Panther who might have the best set of big ebony tits in the porn business. I was surfing the Ebony Kisses members area earlier today and I found this great picture gallery with over 200 pictures of Ms. Panther stripping naked. I knew you guys would like it so I took 15 of the pictures, put them in a free picture gallery and added them to Ebony Porn Palace. In the pics, Ms. Panther is wearing a sexy black see through outfit which she eventually strips off. Check out the gallery to see her big tits flopping around but, if you want to see her sweet pussy you’ll have to visit the Ebony Kisses members area!

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Big Tits Ebony Porn

Posted by Andrew

I’ve been holding off on introducing this amazing scene to you guys for a couple months now but, I think it’s time. If you’re wondering the name of the big tits ebony porn star in front of you, it’s Simone. I haven’t seen her in many porn movies but, I’ll be keeping my eye out for her from now on. The entire free sample video is amazing, from the screen captures to the videos themselves. The scene starts with Simone getting her ebony pussy licked out by her lover. She then lays back on the couch in the same position and lets him slowly slide his big cock inside her. Her pussy gets so wet to the touch of his cock inside her that she takes the cock out, gets on her knees and gives him a blowjob. She obviously loves the taste of her own pussy and who wouldn’t! After a few great cock sucking minutes this ebony porn turns into an all our hardcore fuck fest. She gets fucked in a few different positions. The last one being doggystyle before the guy blows his load all over her amazing big tits.

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Lolana Estefan Nude Pics

Posted by Andrew

Only on an ebony porn video site like Ebony Kisses will you find nude pics of some of the sexiest ebony pornstars in the business. Even though you don’t hear about her much anymore, Lolana Estefan was one of the sexiest ebony girls in porn. Ebony Kisses has 5 amazing nude picture sets of her. I figured alot of you would enjoy them so this is the first of the 5. Eventually all 5 will be up on Ebony Porn Palace but, we’ll start with this one. She looks very sexy wearing a tube top and hot leopard print booty shorts. She quickly strips out of those and starts squeezing her big tits together. Then Lolana gets really freaky. She leans over and spreads her ass cheeks so you get a clear view of her pussy and ass in the doggystyle position. She then takes out her favorite toy and pleasures herself.

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Petite Ebony Girl Fucked

Posted by Andrew

Here on Ebony Porn Palace we do our best to bring you some of the latest free ebony porn from the hottest sites online. If you read our blog regularly, than you already know that we absolutely love the site Ebony Kisses. We hadn’t had an update from them for awhile so I emailed the owner of the site and asked him to set me up with some free movies. He told me they just added this scene to their site on Tuesday. It has this petite ebony girl fucking one of the biggest cocks she’s ever taken. The scene starts with the guy picking this girl up at the park after her boyfriend stood her up. She gets really upset and wants to get back at him but, she doesn’t know how. Her new friend asks her if she wants to make some money making ebony porn and she literally jumps on the opportunity.

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