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Ghetto Ebony Girl Fucks

Posted by Andrew

It’s been a few updates since I added a new ghetto ebony girl fucking. The last few updates I added that had to do with ghetto porn were fairly popular so I figured why not add another. This update comes to us from the fine folks at Ebony Jewels. These guys know their ebony porn! Almost 30% of the updates you find on Ebony Porn Palace will be from that site. This particular scene features an unnamed ghetto girl who does a great job fucking on camera. First she gives a hot deepthroat blowjob, The way she works her tongue on the cock is juts fantastic. She then gets on top of the cock and rides it in the cowgirl position. The guy just lays there as she rides back and fourth. Finally the end of the scene comes and she gets her lips covered in hot cum!

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Booty Studio Ebony Porn

Posted by Andrew

Of course everyone knows why we love ebony porn, it’s for the big booty ghetto girls they pull right off the street and make them pornstars. We just found a new ebony site, well it’s new to us anyways. That has tonnes of great ghetto girl porn videos with big booty pornstars. We like to tease you guys before we give you the full videos so, we’re just setting you up with the picture set for now. This cute ebony teen was found on the street trying to fix her broke down beaten up car. She had no idea what she was doing so the first guy she saw drive by she flashed him in order to get him to stop. Once he stopped they got to talking and next thing you know they were back at his apartment fucking and making ebony porn.

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Ebony Ghetto Girl Naked

Posted by Andrew

It’s been a few updates since we added a ghetto girl to our ebony porn blog. Now in all honesty, this girl probably isn’t even ghetto but, she’s wearing a headband and masturbating for the entire world to see so, we figured we’d call her ghetto. Anyways, this ebony ghetto girl comes to us from one of our favorite ebony sites, Ebony Jewels. We’ve done about 30 updates to this blog since we starting in Jan ’09 and probably 12 of them have come from Ebony Jewels. The stuff they have is just great, whether you want ghetto girls, hot ebony pornstars or just straight hardcore fucking they have it. This sexy ghetto girl looks very sexy in her black and red dress, which she eventually lifts up showing her sexy pink pussy. After alittle convincing by the camera guy, she takes off that dress and site on the floor, up against the wall with her legs spread. She grabs the pink dildo off the table and goes to town on her pussy until she has an orgasm.

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Ebony Ghetto Girl

Posted by Andrew

It’s been awhile since we added some good ebony ghetto porn to our blog so, we went to the guys at Ebony Jewels and we asked them if they could hook us up. We showed them our first ghetto ebony update from about a month ago and they told us they had that same Destiny girl only instead of giving a blowjob she was fingering and fucking her own pussy. We asked them for a sample and they hooked us up! This time Destiny is all alone, no cock and no pussies around but her own. She slowly starts to strip off each piece of her clothing. First she pulls up her black leather skirt, then she lifts up her top. She takes her bra off and gives each titty a good squeeze. Since her big ebony tits are so big, she can give them a lick and even alittle suck too. It doesn’t take long for this ebony ghetto girl to get herself off. She pulls out her tiny vibrator sticks it on her clit and moans her way to a sweet orgasm.

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Ebony Ghetto Porn Pics

Posted by Andrew

Earlier today, while we were trying to decided which free ebony porn video to add someone mentioned how we had a comment asking for more ghetto porn. After some conversation and searching on the top ebony porn sites we finally found some great free ghetto porn. This sexy ebony girl named Destiny loves to suck cock. She dropped out of school and needed some extra cash so, she went to the guys at Ebony Kisses and told them she’d do anything for a few bucks. I guess they told her to give one of their guys a blowjob just as a tryout and she literally blew them away. We personally loved the pics where she was playing with her pussy and sucking dick at the same time. Gotta love a multi-tasker!

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