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Ariel Alexis Feelin Herself

Posted by Andrew

I couldn’t have been more happy last night then when I logged into the Ebony Kisses members area for the first time in months and found an entire new layout as well as 50 new DVDs and tonnes of new picture sets! The best part about it was they had hi-resolution pictures of one of my favorite pornstars, Ariel Alexis, masturbating and posing! These pictures are great because it’s just her, no cock, no dildo. Just sexy black ebony pornstar Ariel Alexis getting herself off!

ariel-alexis-fishnets-01 ariel-alexis-solo-01

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Kira Croft POV Video

Posted by Andrew

Another day, another black ebony pornstar in a hot video on Ebony Porn Palace. This time around we feature the sexy big tits, big ass Kira Croft in a POV video that ends in a hot facial. Kira Croft is a 24 year old goddess who started off her porn career as a pin-up model. She eventually realized she could make more money sucking cock on camera so that’s what she did. The big cock in this video belongs to Lex Steele and he does a great job using it throughout the POV to please Kira. My favorite part of the scene is seeing Kira in the doggystyle position as she “fucks him back.” As you can see from the screenshots below, eventually it’s time for Lex Steele to cum and when he does he blasts all over Kira’s face giving her a nice facial!

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Vanessa Monet Round Ass

Posted by Andrew

Any ebony porn fans ever heard of Vanessa Monet? I watch a tonne of ebony videos and I don’t think I’ve ever seen her before. Anyway, Round and Brown is one of the sites I visit on a weekly basis and I found a video featuring black ebony pornstar Vanessa Monet that I had to share with everyone. This ebony beauty stands at just 5’3″, but has great looking thick legs as well as a nice big round ass to go with them. She does a great job in this particular scene making eye contact during the blowjob and then bouncing her big booty on Voodoo’s dick until he’s ready to cum! If anyone has any more info on Vanessa Monet, please feel free to share it with me!

vanessa-monet-porn-01 round-booty-fucked-01

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Big Ebony Ass In Fishnets

Posted by Andrew

Hot damn! I couldn’t believe how excited I got when I found this Candi Dreamz ebony porn video on Round and Brown earlier this week! It was easily the best ebony porno I saw, mainly because of what she’s wearing. There is something about a girl in fishnets that’s just right. Candi is wearing her fishnets all the way up past her ass which almost makes it an outfit rather than just stockings. The lucky bastard Julian gets to fuck her right there on the spot but, first he admires her big ass and sexy curves. He eats out her pussy for awhile and then legs her give him a blowjob. Then Candi lays back on the couch and lets Julian take control.

ebony big ass Candi Dreamz in stockings

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Deepthroat Gagging Blowjob

Posted by Andrew

It’s been a few updates since I added a new ebony porn video from Ebony Kisses. I’ve always enjoyed pretty much any video they’ve offered to give me for free but, there is something special about this one. There aren’t many ebony pornstars who are into the rough, gagging, deepthroat blowjob and there really should be. It’s an under-rated part of porn videos and more of these ebony beauties need to do it. I’m not sure on her name but, I’ve seen her in a bunch of pornos. In this video on Ebony Kisses she gets down and dirty for a great deepthroat gagging blowjob as well as some hot hardcore sex. You can just tell she loves gagging on the cock during the blowjob. Just look at that first preview pic, the way she opens her mouth as wide as it can go an just let’s the big cock go deep down her throat.

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Lex Pounds Ebony Pussy

Posted by Andrew

Not sure how many of you know who Lexington Steele is? He’s a male ebony pornstar who has filmed over 1000 movies and fucked over 500 different girls. He even has his own ebony porn site with tonnes of free ebony porn videos and pics. Oh, and we almost forgot to mention his cock is about 10 inches long and the female pornstars love it. We’ve been trying to get our hands on some of the stuff because it’s just that damn good. Alot of the ebony pornstars love a big cock pounding their ebony pussy so tonnes of them sign up to do scenes on his site. The first scene we’re bringing you from Lex Steele site is one with sexy pornstar Courtney Devine. Yes, we know it’s just a picture set, we promise the video is coming very soon. The pictures are just about as hot as any pics we’ve added so far. Courtney is wearing a full body fishnet suit which just molds to the curves of her sexy body. After a few pics with just her spreading her legs and flashing her pussy, Lex the cock comes in fucks her and gives her a huge load of cum all over her face.

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