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Ebony Ghetto Girl Naked

Posted by Andrew

It’s been a few updates since we added a ghetto girl to our ebony porn blog. Now in all honesty, this girl probably isn’t even ghetto but, she’s wearing a headband and masturbating for the entire world to see so, we figured we’d call her ghetto. Anyways, this ebony ghetto girl comes to us from one of our favorite ebony sites, Ebony Jewels. We’ve done about 30 updates to this blog since we starting in Jan ’09 and probably 12 of them have come from Ebony Jewels. The stuff they have is just great, whether you want ghetto girls, hot ebony pornstars or just straight hardcore fucking they have it. This sexy ghetto girl looks very sexy in her black and red dress, which she eventually lifts up showing her sexy pink pussy. After alittle convincing by the camera guy, she takes off that dress and site on the floor, up against the wall with her legs spread. She grabs the pink dildo off the table and goes to town on her pussy until she has an orgasm.

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