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Ebony Ghetto Teen Fucks

Posted by Andrew

The first ebony ghetto porn update we brought to you guys had so many views we had to go out and find another. We’re doing ever better this time though, we’re bringing you a free ebony video! As with all our great ebony porn videos, it comes from Ebony Kisses. The video starts off with this cute ebony teen waiting for a bus on the way to her friends house. The guys pull up to the bus stop and ask her if she needs a ride, she says sure and next thing you know they’re back at the guys house. They tell her they’ll give her some cash if she flashes them her ebony teen pussy, she’s desperate for money, so she agrees. Then they keep going. How much for a handjob, blowjob and finally how much to fuck that ghetto pussy. She gives them a number, they agree and you get the hardcore ebony porn video you’ve been dying for.

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