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Big Ebony Oiled Ass

Posted by Andrew

You would think after 5 years of being online that the big ass ebony site Round and Brown might actually stop updating. Well, you’d be thinking wrong. This site has not missed a single exclusive weekly update and 5 years and it looks like they might not miss one for another 5. This time around they found what I think is one of the sexiest big ebony asses in porn. Her name is Christina Copafeel (creative, I like it) and she has curves and curves of sexiness. The lucky bastard who gets to fuck her admires her big ebony ass for awhile before fucking it. He even drops some oil on it and makes her shake it. As she’s shaking it he takes his clothes off and before you know it he’s fucking the big ebony oiled ass until he cums all over her.

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Amina @ Round & Brown

Posted by Andrew

Porn just makes me laugh sometimes. It’s so unbelievable and the acting is so bad that I can’t help but chuckle. Since when to beautiful ebony women just show up at your door wearing nothing but, high heels, stockings and a bikini top. Oh and by the way, she’s not wearing any panties so Amina’s fat round booty is hanging out for everyone to see. Once she gets in the house, Julian convinces her to shave her big ass while he slaps it with his hand. This gets Amina so horny that she takes off Julian’s pants and starts sucking his massive cock. Julian then takes off all of Amina’s clothes and has her bounce her big ass up and down on his cock until he cums.

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Lady Armani Interracial

Posted by Andrew

There are very few ebony pornstars who I enjoy watching on a regular basis. Lady Armani is one of them. There is something about her scenes that just get me every time. She just seems very sexually experienced and seems like she knows exactly how to please a man. She’s always wearing sexy lingerie, hot stockings and super high heels. In this particular scene she gets “hired” as an escort by this white guys friends. He’s never been with an ebony chick before and hasn’t gotten laid in awhile so his friends decide to treat him for his birthday. She introduces herself an instantly starts grabbing her own sexy body. She starts by massaging her legs, rubbing her tits and evening trying to suck her own nipples. Once the fucking beings there is no stopping her. The scene isn’t very long mainly because Lady Armani fucks this guy so hard he cums very quickly.

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Jada Fire Anal Sex

Posted by Andrew

Quickly, someone answer this question. What is hotter than Jada Fire getting fucked? Give up? How about a young Jada Fire getting ass fucked by one of the biggest black cocks in the business? That’s right I found hi-resolution pictures of the sexy ebony porn goddess Jada Fire having anal sex. I had added the video for this particular scene on Ebony Kisses about a year ago and I knew there were pictures to go with it. I’ve been looking for the pictures for a few months now and finally found them. The picture set starts with Jada outside in her bikini. She quickly strips that off and heads inside to tease her man. Once she sees that her man is hard and horny she jumps on his cock and goes straight to anal sex. They don’t stop until Jada has a face full of cum!

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Ghetto Porn Blowjob

Posted by Andrew

You wouldn’t think a girl with a tongue ring could be bad at giving a blowjob, and you’d be right! This ghetto ebony porn slut sucks some of the best dick I’ve ever seen. As with any of our great ebony porn scenes, this one comes from Ebony Kisses. They didn’t even have a name for this ghetto porn girl but, who really cares what her name is. The second they bring her into the room to fuck this guy, she already has half of her clothes off. The other half comes off during the blowjob where she works the cock and the balls at the same time. First she slaps the dick off her tongue, which drives the guy crazy because of her tongue ring. Then she pulls down on his nut sack while she slides the entire cock down her throat.

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Shi Reeves Hardcore Porn

Posted by Andrew

A bunch of months ago I added softcore pictures of sexy ebony porn star Shi Reeves and you guys went crazy for her. You loved her nipples, you loved her cute face and you loved her sexy long legs. I got email after email from you guys asking me when I was going to add a hardcore picture set of her. Well Merry Christmas, here it is! This time Shi Reeves isn’t just standing for still photos, she’s getting her pussy, tits and mouth fucked by the big white cock of this male porn star. He has no problem jamming his cock down her throat as she gags for breath. He then has her get on top of him and as he spanks her ass she bounces on his dick. The scene finishes with Shi Reeves wrapping her sexy big tits around the cock and titty fucking the cumshot out of him.

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Fresh Ebony Melody Nakai

Posted by Andrew

If you still haven’t become a member of Black Reign X, now is the time. You would not believe the amount of fresh ebony babes they’ve been adding lately. I watch a lot of ebony porn and most of the girls they’ve been adding lately, I’ve never even seen. For example, take a look at this fresh faced ebony pornstar Melody Nakai. Who’s ever heard of this girl? Who cares? She’s got one of the sexiest all natural bodies I’ve ever seen and she knows how to move it. I’ve seen the full video of this scene and it’s amazing. It starts with her shaking her ass for a camera guy who’s asking her a bunch of questions about her sex life. She says she’s never been in a threesome before but, she’s always wanted to try it. Her wish came true. She started having sex with this one guy and suddenly another guy shows up and puts his dick in her mouth. She doesn’t mind at all. She just gives that guy a blowjob while she’s getting fucked by the other guy.

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Chunky Ebony Takes Facial

Posted by Andrew

Why is it when ebony girls are a little chunkier they look even better. I finally got a new update from the Black Reign X ebony site and they added this new girl named Taylor Lane. Not to be confused with the white pornstar Tory Lane. Taylor Lane is a chunky ebony girl with a very nice fat ass and even nicer big tits. She comes in wearing very sexy lingerie and high heels. She walks over towards the camera and you can see her hips sway back and fourth. She sit down on the couch for a quick interview. She tells everyone her name and how she’s new to the ebony porn scene. Then the male start joins her on the couch and gets right to work. He takes off her lingerie and lays her down on the couch. He goes down on her pussy and tries his best to make her cum. He then takes out his big cock and lets her give him a blowjob. She could have done better but, it was okay nonetheless. He then layed her back down on the couch and fucked her pussy in a few different positions. Before he came he pulled out his cock and blew his load all over Taylor’s face and big tits.

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Vanessa Blue Interracial

Posted by Andrew

She may not make as much porn as she used to but, Vanessa Blue in her prime was one of the best ebony porn stars in the business. I remember her being one of the first ebony girls in porn with incredibly huge tits and a fat ass to match. This particular free video gallery comes from the fine people at Ebony Jewels. They added this video to their site awhile back but, I’ve just had a chance to grab it today. Vanessa Blue doesn’t really care what color your cock is as long as it’s big hard and ready for use. She starts things off by giving a fantastic wet and sloppy blowjob to this white guy. She then does what she does in every Vanessa Blue interracial scene and bounces on the big cock while squeezing her huge tits together. Before the guy cums, he lays Vanessa down flat on her back and pounds her black pussy until he cums all over her tits.

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Ebony Milf Lola Lane

Posted by Andrew

It’s funny when you realized you’ve been watching porn for far too long. I’m only in my 20′s but, I can remember when ebony milf Lola Lane was just a 20 something porn star in the business. Now she’s a milf? Really? Lola Lane is a milf now? That’s crazy. When I was on Real Black Milfs earlier today and saw they recently added an update featuring her, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I figured she’s probably a lot older now then she was when I first saw her but, I never thought she had a kid. She looks amazing! Her big tits look juicer and bigger than ever. The way they move up and down and side to side during the blowjob she gives is fantastic. She then hops on top of the cock and rides it like there is no tomorrow. She must have been bouncing on the cock for at least 10 minutes before the guy told her he was going to cum. She jumped off the cock, got on her knees and took the cumshot in the face!

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Angel Cummings Cumshot Facial

Posted by Andrew

It’s never easy finding a sexy ebony girl who’s interested in finishing off her porn scene with a hot cumshot facial. That’s why the guys at Black Reign X sat down with Angel Cummings and interviewed her before they shot the porn video. They asked her a bunch of random sex questions and then they asked where she likes a guy to cum on her. She had a big smile when she said “i like it when guys cum on my face“! You could tell the interview was over because the interviewer instantly called in the big cock male pornstar. She started sucking on his cock and rubbing his balls at the same time. You could just tell Angel Cummings was a girl who was definitely into sucking cock. She then took off all her clothes and got on top of him. She rode his big cock for awhile. As she bounced on his cock, he pushed up which made his entire 8 inch cock go inside her tight pussy. He told her he was about to cum so, Angel got down on her knees and told him to cum on her face.

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Ebony Creampie Porn

Posted by Andrew

While doing my blog posts, I’ve tried to cover every niche possible. I’ve done big tits, cumshot, blowjob, milf, teen and many more. There is one niche however that I still hadn’t covered until today. That niche would be creampie. The only reason I didn’t really put up an ebony creampie porn is because there was never a good site with all ebony creampies, until now that is! This new site is called Creampie Sistas and they are 100% focused on giving you the best ebony creampie porn online. The nice thing about the site is they are introducing all new girls every time they put out an ebony scene. I’ve never even heard of the ebony pornstar Persuajon until now. She does a great job in this scene though. Her big ebony tits are flopping all around as she gives a great blowjob. She then lays back and lets the guy have his way with her. Just as he’s about to cum she screams “cum inside me!” and he does, leaving us with a hot creampie.

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